Groceries go on sale. The cycle for the sale is around 6 weeks. So instead of making a long list and buying everything at a store for FULL price, wait until that item goes on sale and then STOCK up. This is the STOCKPILING price, as I like to call it. Purchase enough at the low price to last for at least 6 weeks. That way you don't have to go back and pay the FULL retail price in between. You could buy cereal for $4.00 per box every week for 6 weeks and you have spent $24.00 or you could buy 6 boxes of cereal at the stockpiling price with coupons and pay only $6.00 total. By buying the cereal on sale and by stocking up, you have saved $24.00!!

By buying when an item is on sale AND adding coupons you save money!! Stack the coupons on each item. You can use 1 manufacturer coupon and 1 instore coupon for each item that you purchase. If you purchase cereal on sale for $3.00. You can use 1 manufacturer coupon for $1.00 off. Then use an instore coupon for another $1.00 off, you have saved $2.00 and the final price is just $1.00!!  Use coupons on buy one, get one free items (BOG0). If you are buying 2 items, make sure to use 2 manufacturer coupons and 2 instore coupons for both the one that you will be buying and the one that you are getting free! (Krazy..I know, but I LOVE IT) For example.. if the cereal is on sale for buy one get one free and they are $4.00 each, the sale price will be $2.00 each.  Add 2 manufacturer's coupons for $1.00 and 2 instore coupons for .50 cents off, the final price will be $1.00 for 2 boxes!!!

The easiest method that I have found to getting the best deals is to have a lot of inserts saved up. That way, if an item goes on sale four weeks after the insert is delivered, you'll still have the coupons (and you only clip the ones you actually need!). You won't spend hours clipping and filing all those coupons!
You'll always end up with cut coupons you didn't use or coupons you found in the store, Organize these however works best for you. Small accordian folders work well also.

Save inserts from the Sunday Paper. Start small and make it easier on yourself. Just pick ONE store and buy the lowest-priced items there. That way, you're not trying to keep track of all the stores' sales and you know you're getting great deals and saving money. As you learn, you can add more stores on your list! It can still be overwhelming at time...but that is normal for us all!

Each store has a different set of rules for what kinds of coupons they accept, how many they accept, and which coupons they will double.