Thursday, October 20, 2011

One King's Lane UPDATE! $15 Credit INCLUDES Shipping! FREE Items Available Again!

*WOW* ..Well, I am not really sure what is going on with One King’s Lane $15 credit, but thanks to Must Love Coupons, I just found out that if you got the FREE $15 referral credit last week to One King’s Lane, prior to when they changed the rules that you had to use it on a $30 purchase, then RIGHT NOW you will be able to use it on a $15 or less purchase! Reportedly this started working yesterday! This INCLUDES shipping!! I really don't know how long this will work. So if you still have your credit, I would use it now!
I just tried it to make it sure worked before I posted it for you guys and IT DID!

Set of 2 Godiva Cedar Sachets, Classic
I got this cute Set of 2 Godiva Cedar Sachets, Classic, (Under French Laundry Table Linens & Decors) which were $10, shipping was $4.95! When I checked out, it took off  $14.95 credit, which included the shipping and my total was $0! So I got them FREE, Shipped and have a credit of $.05 left! They are selling out quickly, so hurry over if you still have your credit!!
*(I am thinking of using these in some of my Christmas baskets!)

If you did not get the credit last week you can still get a $15 credit to One King’s Lane but it will only work on a purchase of $30 or more.

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