Tuesday, March 6, 2012

FREE Charms From SneakPeeq, Alabaster Vases 80% Off Today ONLY!


Sneakpeeq - Shiraleah Frosted Alabaster Vases - 80% off!
Today only!

NEW sneakpeeq MEMBERS will receive 2 FREE CHARMS, precious pieces of jewelry to bring you joy and happiness --

Discover special meaning in each one. Add them to your favorite bracelet or necklace. You can also get creative: put one on a leather cord, a piece of red string for luck, or dangle one from your phone or purse. Discover how each charm symbolizes a part of your unique personality!

 2 FREE CHARMS ($16 value) and FREE SHIPPING just for joining sneakpeeq! (REALLY FREE; no need to buy anything!)

If that is not enough, sneakpeeq is going to BEAUTIFY your home with Shiraleah Frosted Alabaster Vases at 80% off! These BEAUTIFUL vases were made famous by Italian glass blowers. Multiple colors and MORE STYLES to choose from on sneakpeeq. These vases retail for $24, but your price is only $5 with your FREE NEW $10 BUYER CREDIT! ALL Shiraleah vases SHIP FREE. 

BEST price GUARANTEED on these vases or they're FREE!
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